Henna Pattern Drawing Workshop

Henna is very popular in India, Africa and the Middle East. The colored paste is made with all-natural ingredients. People use henna cones to draw patterns on body and serve as temporary tattoos which symbolize luck and fortune. Henna can also be drawn on various types of materials as unique art pieces.

Workshop Content

  • Explore the background of Henna
  • Learn the Henna drawing techniques
  • Design Henna patterns

Cookies (Decorating with Henna Pattern)

Henna is very popular in South Asia as body decoration. But this time, we will try to fancy up delicious cookies with very own Henna pattern. Enjoy the cookies with family and friends after the workshop.

Workshop Content

  • Explore the meanings behind each Henna pattern
  • Design Henna patterns
  • Decorate cookies with own-designed patterns

Soft Wood Luggage Tag Pyrography Workshop

A unique, personalized luggage tag can lead you back to your suitcase. Join this pyrography project and decorate your luggage tag with ethnic minority elements for your next adventure!

Workshop Content

  • Introduce the background of Henna and Urdu OR Hindi
  • Learn Henna drawing techniques
  • Design and construct Henna patterns
  • Learn simple Urdu OR Hindi words
  • Decorate soft wood luggage tag with burn marks

Dot Mandala Drawing Workshop

Mandala is an abstract design that is usually circular in form. But mandala is far more than a simple circle. Express yourself with shapes and colors.

Workshop Content

  • Introduce the principle of mandala
  • Learn dot mandala drawing techniques
  • Design and construct dot mandala patterns
  • Experience dot mandala on various materials
    (Stone, wood, and canvas)

Water Marbling Art Workshop

Water-marbling is one of the ancient arts of India and Japan. It is a method of aqueous surface design which produces marble-like pattern. The wonderful patterns created are the result of floating paint on plain water.

Workshop Content

  • Introduce water-marbling design
  • Learn water-marbling techniques
  • Experience water-marbling on various materials
    (Wood, fabric and paper)