Pakistan Pink Tea Gift Set Workshop

Kashmiri Milk Tea(Pakistan Pink Tea)is a traditional Pakistani beverage served on special occasions, it is well-known to be pink in color. A handful of salt, coupled with a variety of spices such as cinnamon and cardamom, create a typical Pakistani flavor.

Workshop Content

  • Explore the history of Kashmiri milk tea
  • Make the milk tea sets with different spices
  • Taste a cup of tea with the garnish of nuts
  • Experience Pakistani food culture


Different cooking methods and seasonings diversified the taste of regional cuisines. Our instructors will focus on the use of various spices and teach you how to cook South Asian authentic home-style cooking. You can dish up a table of delicacy during the workshop.

Workshop Content

  • Explore South-Asian style cooking and learn how to use the South-Asian spices in daily cooking
  • Experience South-Asian food culture